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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hey guys,

For those of you who have been here before and are interested in following my progress, thank you for coming back and to those of you who are just visiting for the first time a very warm welcome.

Today I did a lot of research on how to get my online business up and running. Two items that I think, from what i have seen, are very much worth while are Googles AdSense and

Google AdSense are quite simple and straight forward. You place their ads on your website, or blog if you wish, as i have done and you are rewarded on a pay per click basis. More info on this can be found out @ . I highly recommend looking into this.

The other choice that i have used is clickbank. They are an affiliate program. You are rewarded on a commission of the sale. You place a link to the particular site that is being promoted and for every sale they have you are rewarded. Again more info on this can be found out @ .

Theses two choices are a must have as they are practically giving you money for nothing. Just think about Google AdSense alone. If you have only, say, 100 visitors to your site as you are starting out and only ten of then or less click on an ad, you get money for these clicks!! The best thing to do is place more ads on your site. Now obviously you don't want your site to be dominated by ads. Google have a number of demos available that will teach you the best ways to use AdSense.

It's all well saying to put Google AdSense on your site or clickbank, but what if you don't have a website to use. Well this is where one of the sites that i told you about yesterday will come in. You need a product to sell, or rather a niche market to sell it to. The niche that I have found, and will reveal to you at a later date, is very popular and sell well. I have been lucky enough to come across site that offers me the products that i need and make it all very easy for me by providing a website and all for me, if any of them are reading this now a big thanks to you all.

I have been trying to set up my website with them but have been unable due to a technical problem on my end, which will be fixed tonight. Once I have this site up and running I will be able to post some more Google AdSense ads and some more Clickbank links.

Well I think that I have rambled on for long enough now and will leave you again until next time.

If you want to hear more from me and my progress you can sign up to my newsletter, which is in it's infancy, and I hope to have more details coming to you a.s.a.p.

Thanks again,


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