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Monday, July 16, 2007

Domain and Host

Hi Guys,

A quick update for you. I have now got my host and domain all sorted. I got it with for only €48.39 for both, so I'm quite happy with myself.

I have been making headway on the site, I have worked through most of the HTML and have adjusted it in my favour. I have to adjust the prices to € and enter my adsense publishers code, otherwise the guys who made the site orginally will get paid for all of the clicks on my page.

You may have noticed a few more ads on this blog being added recently. I have been doing a bit of research and came across a blog about monetizing blogs, so I though that I would give that a go too.

The three sites to the left hand site are:

These are just three more advertiser sites that I have found. There are more out there and as soon as I find them I will let you know. Monetizing my blog makes sense to me at the moment as it is covering the little cost that I am incurring at the moment trying to setup my site, such as hosting and domin name costs and not to forget the adwords cost too.

I have also registered a second domain name with This domain I will use a large blog and will be much more informative than this one and will also be much more user friendly. I feel that I am restricted here with how much I can portray to you guys and how feed back we can give each other.

Anyway once again that's the end of another post.

I will talk to you all again soon.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Confession about making money online

Hi guys,

Right, down to business first. After nearly a week of this I have to admit that I have made very little, to be honest it's only $3.12, but on the bright side that is just through this blog and adsense. I have been struggling with my new website as things just havn't been going to plan. I have decided to step back and take a look at where I began, where I am and where I want to be.

I believe that this is probably my best strategy, because lets face it, anything that we try new it is best to have a look at all of your options.

My plan now is to set out my goals, devise a plan to reach this goal, proceed with this plan step by step and becareful of what I do and always keeping in check with what I have planned and what I have done. Any deviation to the plan will have to be rectified, unless it is benefical.

It's not a great start to my plan for world domination....ahh... sorry, i mean a reasonable online income.

I was reading another blog before froma guy whos goal was $4,500 in a month. I though, gee that sounds great I'll give that a try and I dived into the deep end.

I think I will have to look at what stage I am at with the website for my niche market and see how that come along before lauching into any profit making. It is only when I have the site launched that I can really start recording any profit.

As I said when I first started this blog, you can follow my steps and learn from the mistakes that I have made, I think that this is one of those mistakes, but we are all the wiser for it.

Anyway time for me to go again, and who knows, maybe I could make $4,500 in a month, but if not I won't be too dissapointed and just happy to have what I've come out the other end with.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good news

Ok this is what I was talking about when I told you that you could follow my steps but let me make the mistakes for you. I signed up to Google Adwords and started to advertise this blog with them, just a sort of test run. Now i made the mistake of setting my billing to prepaid when I had no money at the moment to give them, waiting for it to go through on the credit card. I spent nearly 2 hrs with the customer support guy trying to get it changed. So if you are signing up to Google Adwords make sure to pick the post paid option.

Now for the good news. With in 10 mins of having my ad running on Google I had 4 visitors to my site and had 1 click, which made me 50c. Not much you might say but it's more than what i had. Think about it, if I had 4 visitors in ten mins then thats 24 visitors in 1 hr and 6 clicks which make $3 for that hr. Now this is not going to happen every hr. I set my Adword budget to 100 euro for the month so Google are only going to give me my 100 euro worth of advertising for the month. so it won't always appear when people search for it.

Google Adwords is just a suggestion to get more traffic onto your site. You don't have to use them if you don't want the expense. After all your here to make money not spend it.

Here are a few websites for you to look at and see if you think any of them will help you

First up is Google Health Wizard.
This one sounds good. If any of you decide to take up the offer let me know how it goes I might even do it myself sometime. You can get it by Clicking Here!

Another one to try is Adsense gold
You can visit this page by Clicking Here!

Here's another for working with Google Adwords
You can visit this page by Clicking Here!

I'm going to relax now for the rest of the evening and hope to log into my Adsense account tomorrow and maybe have made a few $ more. Give them websites a look and let me know what you all think.



P.s. Remember that's 50c that I didn't have earlier. More traffic more money!!

Day 4, Articles

Hey guys,

Thanks for coming back. Today I have been quite busy. One thing about making money online is that your have to put a lot of effort into it at first, which I suppose is the same with anything really. I always say that is no point in doing something unless your going to do it right!! This is very much the rule that applies here. If your not willing to put the time and patience into it, you might as well give up now. It will get easier and will be worth it in the end so don't get disheartened by this. I find that if an object gets in the way there is always a way around it. It might be a harder way but if it gets you there then go for it.

Yesterday I spent the day setting up my website and entering all of the information that is required for it run to my advantage. I am waiting for the host to get back to me before I can set up the site and have it running.

One thing about this is that there is no point in setting up this site unless your going to get traffic, lets face it no or little traffic equals no or little income. There are ways out there that will send traffic to your site. One way that you can work this is through Google Adwords. You design an ad that runs with certain keywords that you have selected and when some one searches on Google with these keywords, your ad appears on the side therefore bringing traffic to your site.

Another way of bringing traffic to your site is by submitting articles.
Articles can be submitted to these three websites:


These sites are used to submit articles about different subjects. You can submit an article about anything, nearly. The best thing to do here is submit an article about the product that you are trying to sell. Usually between 250 and 300 words. You can do more if you like. ezinearticles only allow you to submit articles with more than 250 words. I submitted the same article to all three of them. The idea is to use the keywords in your article about 1.5 times for every 100 words. So if you have 200 words you use your keyword 3 times. You can search for keywords on:

If your site is about making money, enter this into the keyword search field and it will give you the results of how many times this is searched in Google in that day and in different ways. If you use your keyword 1.5 times for every 100 words you should appear in the first or second page of Google.

These are just some ways of getting traffic to your website as you know, the more the merrier! :)

Anyway, I hope to be back again later with another update and see how I have progressed.



Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hey guys,

For those of you who have been here before and are interested in following my progress, thank you for coming back and to those of you who are just visiting for the first time a very warm welcome.

Today I did a lot of research on how to get my online business up and running. Two items that I think, from what i have seen, are very much worth while are Googles AdSense and

Google AdSense are quite simple and straight forward. You place their ads on your website, or blog if you wish, as i have done and you are rewarded on a pay per click basis. More info on this can be found out @ . I highly recommend looking into this.

The other choice that i have used is clickbank. They are an affiliate program. You are rewarded on a commission of the sale. You place a link to the particular site that is being promoted and for every sale they have you are rewarded. Again more info on this can be found out @ .

Theses two choices are a must have as they are practically giving you money for nothing. Just think about Google AdSense alone. If you have only, say, 100 visitors to your site as you are starting out and only ten of then or less click on an ad, you get money for these clicks!! The best thing to do is place more ads on your site. Now obviously you don't want your site to be dominated by ads. Google have a number of demos available that will teach you the best ways to use AdSense.

It's all well saying to put Google AdSense on your site or clickbank, but what if you don't have a website to use. Well this is where one of the sites that i told you about yesterday will come in. You need a product to sell, or rather a niche market to sell it to. The niche that I have found, and will reveal to you at a later date, is very popular and sell well. I have been lucky enough to come across site that offers me the products that i need and make it all very easy for me by providing a website and all for me, if any of them are reading this now a big thanks to you all.

I have been trying to set up my website with them but have been unable due to a technical problem on my end, which will be fixed tonight. Once I have this site up and running I will be able to post some more Google AdSense ads and some more Clickbank links.

Well I think that I have rambled on for long enough now and will leave you again until next time.

If you want to hear more from me and my progress you can sign up to my newsletter, which is in it's infancy, and I hope to have more details coming to you a.s.a.p.

Thanks again,


Monday, July 9, 2007

Hey guys.

I have decided to start this blog as a journal in my quest to make money online. I want to document all of my moves, whiter they be good moves or bad moves, so that you can learn from my mistakes and also so that you can see how to make money online too.

I have been searching the net for the past few weeks and have not had too much success. This is my second attempt at trying to make money online. I was unsuccessful the first time around and I am now more determined than ever.

I came across another blog spot and decided to read it as it seemed very interesting to me.While I was reading the blog it just all seemed so simple, but they all make it sound like that so I am a bit skeptical at the moment. I am now going to do a bit more research on the methods described in the blog and see what I come up with. I will report back here again with my findings and let you know how I got on.

I have also come across another great site that I think will help me on my way there and will probably combine the two of them and will hopefully be laughing in the end.

The only reason that I have not given the name of the two sites is for one reason and that is, I want to see how it pans out first. If all goes well then I will inform you of the sites and you can have a look at them and see what you think of them for yourself.

I am sure that most of you, if not all of you have at some stage paid money for an online money making opportunity that will pull in a six figure some, buy that car you always wanted, pay off your mortgage years early or go on the dream holiday. We all want this but it is becoming very hard to find it. I hope I have finally found it!!

Well that's all I have for now. Please check back again in a few days time and see what I have come up with.

I hope to be able to post to this blog as often as I can.

All the best,


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