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Monday, July 16, 2007

Domain and Host

Hi Guys,

A quick update for you. I have now got my host and domain all sorted. I got it with for only €48.39 for both, so I'm quite happy with myself.

I have been making headway on the site, I have worked through most of the HTML and have adjusted it in my favour. I have to adjust the prices to € and enter my adsense publishers code, otherwise the guys who made the site orginally will get paid for all of the clicks on my page.

You may have noticed a few more ads on this blog being added recently. I have been doing a bit of research and came across a blog about monetizing blogs, so I though that I would give that a go too.

The three sites to the left hand site are:

These are just three more advertiser sites that I have found. There are more out there and as soon as I find them I will let you know. Monetizing my blog makes sense to me at the moment as it is covering the little cost that I am incurring at the moment trying to setup my site, such as hosting and domin name costs and not to forget the adwords cost too.

I have also registered a second domain name with This domain I will use a large blog and will be much more informative than this one and will also be much more user friendly. I feel that I am restricted here with how much I can portray to you guys and how feed back we can give each other.

Anyway once again that's the end of another post.

I will talk to you all again soon.


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